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General warnings for bad things happening to children, Magi is not a happy canon and Ohtaka really shows how trauma can shape and warp an entire person's worldview, but there are some happier/goofier memories. Here's an example of what memories can be seen, with more specific ones written out. CW: Death, Torture, Child abuse, mentions of child sexual abuse

*When he was 5, he found an unconscious man who told him stories while he recovered, but turns out the man was a spy who held him hostage. His father killed the man, but was taken away for harboring a spy. During the period, the entire village hated his family and tried to encourage Darius to kill him.

*At age 14, he befriended a strange man called Yunan, and was discovered as a draft-dodger by a boy his age who was a military commander because so many men had died in the war. He entered the dungeon with Drakon, and the two were the only survivors and after a vicious fight, Sinbad won and claimed the Djinn Baal, while coming to some understanding with Drakon - seeing him not as a heartless man, but as much a victim of circumstances.

However, when he returned home, he discovered three months had passed, and his mother was dying, he barely made it in time to hear her final words, but she was far gone that she never realized that he was at her side.

*He soon turns 15 and fled north, where he met the giants of Imuchakk, particularly Hinahoho, and entered the dungeon Valefor to save him. He won the Djinn by trickery, but the three assassins sent to kill him were transformed into a monster by dark magic, and despite everything, he saved them, learning their loyalty, especially that of Ja'far. While he was in the dungeon, he met Drakon again, and their understanding became the start of friendship.

*While in Artemyra, he was stupid and tried to mansplain to the Queen that he was not like the other men, and got thrown down a canyon for his trouble along with two of his friends, and minus everything in their possession including their clothes. So they spent a few months roughing it in the nude.

*When he returned, he discovered someone was manipulating his company to get it deep in debt, and was long story tricked into betting his freedom and lost, becoming a slave for Uum Madaura, a cruel woman who exclusively raised children to be obedient, skilled slaves (even for the purposes of sex), and had wanted Sinbad because of his looks and unique position as a dungeon conqueror. She proceeds to spend weeks psychologically and physically torturing him until he was in a near catatonic state before treating him with kindness. It worked, for a while - he forgot everything he was suppose to be doing, and just wanted to make 'Mother' Happy. But even when brainwashed, his kindness still showed, banning whippings and physical punishment, and caring for the sick when Madaura would just throw the sick kids away.

*Eventually he's snapped out of it due to Masrur (a fellow slave's) pride, seeing another slave his age sold as a sexual plaything, and memories of his real mother, he ends up gathering the children and rather brutally explain their "Mother"'s true nature, and how as slaves they will never be considered human, and started a rebellion. Despite his best plans, some of the children ended up killed and after realizing what would happen if the others were caught afterwards, he has a breakdown, begging for Ja'far to kill him for being a horrible human being. But Ja'far refuses, and while berating him for his actions, he spells out quite bluntly that if Sinbad wants to make a country and change the world, he HAS to expect to do terrible things and get his hands dirty.
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So in Magi, there are Magicians, and there are Dungeon Conquerors aka King Candidates. Sinbad is the latter, and thus have an ability called Djinn Equipping. At this current canon point, he can equip either Valefor, an Ice Djinn, or Baal, a Lightning Djinn.

And there is a slight element factor to magic in Magi: Djinns cannot be hurt by magic of the same element, and are immune to damage from environmental hazards, instead, any energy they spent gets restored by said element, so it would act as a kind of natural battery

So What does it mean?
A Djinn lends their power to a chosen king that if evoked, allows the King to take on the special ability and characteristics of said Djinn. There's two categories of Equipping.

Weapon Equipping: Where only a fraction of power is used, causing the Djinn's vessel (usually an actual weapon or something that can be used as one like a hair pin), causing the vessel and the user's arms to transform to accommodate the magic going through it.

Full Equip: The person's entire body transform into a humanoid avatar of the Djinn - they will look generally like the Djinn (the wolf-djinn Valefor makes Sinbad a kitsune for example), allowing them to use all their magic, including the incredibly powerful "Extreme Magic" - a spell that takes a long time to cast but can cause extreme phenomenon, such as Kougyoku's extreme magic can create a Tsunami, or Hakuryuu's Belial can sever someone's soul from their body.

Baal, the Djinn of Wrath and Heroes )
Valefor, the Djinn of Confidence and Deception )

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Canon: Magi

Canon Point: Chapter 87 of Sinbad no Bouken

Age: 17

Alliance: Cypress

Features: Rabbit

Notes:Adventurer, Storyteller, Merchant, Dungeon Conqueror - Sinbad has seen way too much for a 17 year old. He's good at hiding personal traumas, and is determined to save everyone from warfare and injustice no matter the cost. He enjoys wine, women, and song - and the new and exotic.






Play Violence

Serious Violence




Yes (See note)

No (See note)


Yes (Ask First)




Ask First (See Note)

Yes (See Note)


Yes (Ask first)

Note Mind Reading: Sinbad has very recently broke out of brainwashing, so he'll be especially upset if he finds out someone read his mind without permission, and mind-controlling him will cause bad, bad issues.

Sex: He's 17, and the age of majority in Magi seems to be rather low, so he's not that inexperienced with sex. So yes, he will likely to seek it out, but I will not have him do so unless I know a player's comfortable with this fact. Play him as Bisexual with a female-preference, either hiding or denying same-sex attraction.

General Permissions
Kink List for the NSFW stuff
4th wall breaking Please don't, just don't.

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Player Name: Shini
Age: 30
Preferred Contact: [ profile] RShini or AIM: Shinigamikitsune
Existing Characters: N/A

Character Name: Sinbad (SnB version – Age 17)
Canon: Magi
Canon Point: post slave arc, Chapter 87 of Sinbad no Bouken

About: Sinbad seems to be the epitome of the wide-eyed adventurer – excitable and curious, he can’t very well leave well enough alone. Growing up as a poor son of a fisherman and a social pariah (a war veteran that turn total pacifist in a highly nationalistic, militarized society), and a sick mother to look after, he never had much of a chance to explore the world until his fateful encounter with Yunan. As he would state repeatedly – he views that he has to see everything there is in the world, no matter the risk - and of course, that the world will be guiding him on the right path to save it. And he’ll do it with a smile – if not while neck-deep in danger, but immediately afterwards, laughing over the dangers he faced as he seems to enjoy the adrenaline rush and the risk of the unknown. However, he doesn’t feel others should be subjected to the same risks he takes; constantly warning others against going into Dungeons as he feels it’s far too dangerous for most people.

He’s also a wannabe Casanova, constantly hitting on girls he find attractive. Generally though, Sinbad will stop flirting with people that show no interest in him, as he doesn’t want to be too pushy. While he might develop a crush on someone, he isn’t very serious and just seems to do it because he likes the attention – both giving and receiving. On the other hand, he likes to tease guys with light-hearted ribbing and good-nature mocking, but he almost never intends to be mean when he does it.

The major thing is Sinbad does what his heart tells him to do, regardless of the danger. He abandoned his homeland of Parthevia because he was disgusted with their ways, even though it meant he has to look out for Assassins for possibly the rest of his life, and almost destroying his chance at making an alliance with another kingdom because he felt it was wrong for its ruler to use his power for an unfair advantage just to ‘prove a point’. Long as he got an idea of what he wants to do, he will do it without hesitation and without a single thought of giving up or surrendering.

His sense of empathy is extremely strong, he sympathizes even with those who tried to kill him – saving Ja’far when the young boy was falling despite the latter’s crude behavior and previous attempts to assassinate him, and in Magi, he even approached a known enemy who acted like he was crying for help despite the obvious danger. Sinbad enjoys being around people in general, the first to a party, first to lend a hand if someone needs one, and quick to offer friendship to others, and when he learned to write – he found he really loved creating stories, knowing that he’s reaching out to people he would otherwise never meet.

Sinbad only seem to hold hatred for people who would manipulate and use others as tools, and those that would cause suffering just because they can. If they showed no signs of being manipulated themselves or regret for their actions, he will never forgive them and will do anything to stop them. However, he does himself have a manipulative streak, charming others and taking advantages of situations to benefit him – he does hate that aspect of himself, but will in the future deem it a ‘necessary evil’ for his goal – though he has not reach that point in his life and would very much hate his adult self.

The best way to describe his intelligence level is ‘Clever, but foolish’. Sinbad often comes up with brilliant ways of using his environment to his advantage, such as using a fallen shield to ride a geyser to get to a high place, but there’s times when he clearly doesn’t think things through or don’t consider consequences, such as when he tried to open a stall in Reim without checking to see if they needed a license first and ended up getting horribly ripped off, then there’s the time Ja’far had to literally ground him to keep him from flying into a new city in his Djinn equipped form because he never thought about how someone might mistake him for a monster in that shape all because he didn’t want to climb mountains. Generally the less he wants to do something or the more bored he is, the more harebrained his schemes to avoid doing the thing becomes, while if he just sits down and thought ahead, he’s actually quite capable of brilliant tactics such as laying out traps for a giant sea monster to help Hina kill it, and it might've worked if a storm hadn't come in.

Sinbad is what is known as a ‘Human Singularity’ in magi proper, it means he can see the general path of fate ahead of him, allowing him to better choose choices that he feels is for the benefit of the world as a whole, and to act like a kind of Spider-sense, allowing him to avoid getting lost and predict the movement of enemies or hazards to avoid it by ‘reading the waves’ or life-force that people and the world around him give off. Since Arden Grove isn’t his world, he will not have the ability to read the world’s faith, but he will still retain his Spider-sense like ability when it comes to fights or reorienting himself if lost.

Scimitar: Father’s sword, containing the Djinn Baal - With this, he can equip to a ‘dragonomimi’ form which allows him to fly, and fire off powerful bursts of electricity – due to its sheer power, Baal’s ultimate magic attack will be disabled.

Ruby Amulet: Contains the Djinn Valefor - Like above, he becomes a 6-tail fox/wolf (translation's uncertain) with the ability to create ice, and lower the ambient temperature of a person to near absolute zero, slowing them down physically and mentally but generally leaving them unharmed.

Feature Type: Rabbit: Bunny ears, a cotton-y tail, tip of nose twitches sometimes

What are your plans with this character? Exploration of areas beyond Arden Grove, and attempt to climb up the social ladder via a profitable business.

Sample: here
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I trust her completely - she keeps me grounded, there's no one else I would rather have to have my back.

Guy's hiding something, but he's quite fun to tease.

Cute! But in all seriousness, she's really nice, and I feel like I can trust her.

She seems like a pretty cool person, and it's obvious she's close to Morg - a friend of a friend is my friend.

Now that's a woman. She's just so confident and cunning, I want to be just as cool when I'm older.
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Sinbad's Level: 55

Type: Dragon
Level: 70
Nature: Gentle
Characteristic: Strong-willed

Type: Water
Level: 25
Nature: Naughty
Characteristic: Quick to Flee

Type: Fire
Level: 50
Nature: Rash
Characteristic: Proud of It's Power

Type: Normal
Level: 32
Nature: Sassy
Characteristic: Mischievous

Type: Normal/Flying
Level: 43
Nature: Rash
Characteristic: Loves to Eat

Type: Ghost/Poison
Level: 70
Nature: Sassy
Characteristic: Quick-Tempered
Special Move: Thunder Punch

A Psychic-type Ring that creates a Light Screen as per move, and can diagnosis problems with people's auras and physical well-being with a touch, though he has to use his own life energy for it.


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